Murgiverde s.c.a.2º

Murgiverde s.c.a.2º
frutas y hortalizas

domingo, 6 de enero de 2013


Murgiverde is the first consolidated project of concentration in the Andalusian horticulture. Our company is the result of a fusion of SAT Agromurgi, created in 1987 and with an acknowledged reputation in the region, Ejido Verde SCA, that after its creation in 1995 standed out for its quick growth, Geosur and Campovícar.
We count with 400 growers who cultivate a surface of 1200 hectares producing aproximately 140.000 tons of goods a year.
The target of our project is to improve efficiency, to achieve a better product and a better service for the client, to get a suficient return for the growers and to continue moving forward.
Our activity consists of producing and marketing our own peppers, cucumbers, aubergines, tomatoes courgettes and (water)melons. We are the only company in the area with 100% of integrated production in peppers, aubergines and courgettes and with our own production of predators or `helpers´. Key principles of our company are: innovation, environment, security. Our priorities are foodquality and safety, continuity and development. We aim for long term relationships with our business partners (supermarkets, specialist wholesalers and foodprocessing industry all over Europe) to whom we offer constant quality and volumes, tailormade packaging, quick service and open communication in order to build customer loyalty. We are a financially strong and well organized enterprise.